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A-Maze-ing Happenings at Fiddlesticks Farms

A-maze-ing – Fiddlesticks Farms

“It’s no secret that many can get lost in agriculture when they travel the back-roads of Texas. Others seem to literally lose their way when they visit the Midland farm of Matt and Jessica Norton.  Ed Wolff of Farm Bureau shows us a story that is truly amazing.”

Check out the video and then come see us yourself in the fall!!!

And if you’re looking for some great music, check out Waco & Julie Richards!  There’s a quick shot of them on the video!

A-Maz-ing Fiddlesticks Farms

A Good Ol’ Chick Hatchin’!

The Chick Inn

We have 17 new baby chicks!  And aren’t they pretty!?!  We set the eggs in the incubator on May 14th and they started hatching exactly 21 days later!

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